Q: How do i care for my scarf?

A: Dry clean only, preferably at a green/eco friendly cleaners. Gently spot treat. Lightly steam or iron on a low setting. Fold and put away in a drawer or hang when not in use.

Q: Why can’t I purchase online?

A: We’re working on that, and hope to be able to offer online shopping soon.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: Please e-mail us at nazeerahdesign@gmail.com, if you think NAZEERAH might be a good fit for your shop. In your email please include a little about your shop and other brands that you carry.

Q: Why does my scarf have some variation?

A: Because these scarves are handwoven, slight variations in the weave and color are expected. Imperfections make the scarf more unique and beautiful!